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The Benefits of Vertically Integrated Cannabis Production

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What is Vertical Integration?vertical integration and clean cannabis products

As the cannabis and hemp industries become more independent and technologically advanced, the term “vertical integration” has been popping up more and more. In short, vertical integration is a type of business process in which all production stages are controlled by one company. This process has proven to be vital among members of the cannabis industry.  When a cannabis company states they are vertically integrated, this means they grow in-house flower, and produce cannabis products all themselves. These companies have their own individuals to grow, process, package, and distribute!


The Benefits of Vertically Integrated Cannabis Production

Vertical integration is one of the most efficient production methods in the industry. Vertical integration in the cannabis community brings cultivation, extraction, retail, manufacturing, and packaging all under one umbrella and one company. Quality control is a much more reliable process when going through one company. Everything is closely monitored to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Vertical integration can also help support the marketing of your business. Instead of using wholesale methods and selling cannabis products from other producers, you can have your own in-house products, with company-specific branding! Financially, vertical integration can be an expensive cost up front, however the profit turn-around is a no-brainer. Having your own equipment can be a huge advantage to cannabis businesses.


Why Choose Vertical Integration for Your Cannabis Business?

If you have been in the cannabis community for a long time, or are just starting out and looking for the best options, vertical integration is a wonderful place to start. Here are four major reasons why you should consider vertical integration for your cannabis company today!

  • Consumers tend to naturally trust vertically integrated brands.
    As trends in safety and natural methods of healing increase, more individuals are being more conscious of where their products are coming from and exactly what is inside of them. Vertically integrated companies can control all points of the supply chain when cultivating and processing their products, making this a huge selling point to safety-conscious consumers.

    clean cannabis production - vertical integration

  • You Can Protect Your Company From Disruptions Within the Industry.
    Today’s pandemic has been a great example as to how markets of any kind have been affected by industry disruptions. Shortages throughout various industries have proved how vital a strong supply chain is to keep businesses running smoothly. Companies with vertical integration have better control over their supply, in turn avoiding many supply chain-related issues.

  • You Can Ensure Your Medical Patients and Customers Will be Safe.
    Individuals are starting to be more aware of the products they are using and what they contain. With vertical integration, you can provide peace of mind and ensure your patients will be receiving only the best in safe, clean, and quality cannabis.

  • You Can Protect Your Prices.
    Many cannabis retailers take pride in selling their own cannabis products. This can make it difficult for independent growers to price their products fairly and beat price erosion. As prices rise, getting products in front of consumers at an affordable rate can be difficult. Using vertical integration methods, independent cultivators can easily bypass these struggles.


Vertical integration is a great choice for cannabis companies looking to take charge of their business, putting their craft and customers first. Honeycomb Farms is a proud, vertically integrated cannabis company that is here to assist you. Whether you’re looking into the process yourself, or are simply looking for a new spot for some quality medicine, our friendly staff is here for you!

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