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Purple Jellato

“Purple Jellato” from Dungeon Vault Genetics

Indica? Sativa? Both!

With no shortage of strains popping up in the new age of cannabis, hybrid strains are rapidly taking the lead in regards to terpene profiles. Purple Jellato lives in this category of hybrids. The combination of cannabanoids is revolutionizing how we see traditional Sativa and Indica heavy strains. Users are reporting effects that are contrary to those we would typically expect each side to show. As the world of cannabis is becoming more accurate with the classification of different variations of the plant, we’re able to explore strains more in depth.

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Deriving Purple Jellato

The showcase of this post is Dungeon Vault Genetics’ Purple Jellato which is a cross between ‘Purple Vapor’ and  Gelato 33. Purple Vapor is Indica dominant, and is reported to promote a peaceful state of sedation within the body. Lending itself to be a balanced hybrid, Gelato 33 is known to leave users with uplifting vibes. Purple Jellato is an intricate combination of terpene profiles reported to help alleviate depression, muscle spasms, chronic pain, etc.


hybrid strain Purple JellatoThe Terpene Profile

Delving into the make up of Purple Jellato, we start with Limeonene. Limonene holds a citrus aroma, reportedly used to free users of anxiety in many forms. Along with being one of the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis strains, limonene is found in many aroma-therapy regimes. Caryophyllene is one of the more distinct terpenes used when creating Purple Jellato. Some users describe it as peppery, which makes sense also being found in black pepper, rosemary, and other cooking herbs. For that hint of dark green and pine present in Purple Jellato, Pinene takes the credit. Pinene amplifies the soothing qualities and is also seen prevalent in eucalyptus. To add to the sedative properties within this unique high, Humulene steps in with it’s earthy and dense character. Ginger and Hops are two places you can find the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving support that humulene promotes. Purple Jellato and many other relaxing “indica” strains feature Linalool as a supporting terpene, not to dominate the chemovar of the flower.

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What’s a Terpene, Anyway?

Terpenes are classes of compounds in natural products, like Cannabis. Exploring terpene profiles and learning of places it can be found is vital to understanding the effects of a particular cannabis strain. As more and more people begin to experiment with medicinal and recreational cannabis, we are seeing the importance of education. A traditionally labeled “sativa” may include some or most of these same terpenes explored in Purple Jellato, essentially leaving the consumer to figure it out personally. With the knowledge that each one of our bodies reacts differently, breaking down cannabis strains completely is a way of allowing each person to find what works for them.

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Smoking Purple Jellatohybrid strain Purple Jellato

Purple Jellato has a fruity taste, while retaining the earthy spice that you’d expect from an indica dominant hybrid strain. Typically tested at around 23% THC, the potency of this strain is among the highest. Having high-potency is ideal to speed up and enhance the effects of the plant! Each nug is as beautifully dense and shapely with those dark purple and green colors throughout. The first impression from this unique and sought after strain is most definitely the visually stunning purple color from the Purple Vador, followed up by that stinky aroma of the original Gelato 33. Breaking it down, you start to get those whiffs of grape and citrus. However you smoke your flower, once you’re on cloud 9, the relaxation begins. Users report feelings of euphoria stress leaving their body, while sinking into a light sedation.


Where Can You Get Some?

After a long day (or to start one), Purple Jellato is the perfect aid to keep a positive and relaxed state of mind. Finding yourself some is just as easy as clicking back to our storefront page! Dungeon Vault Genetics supplies Honeycomb Farms, local in Wilton, ME, steadily with Purple Jellato. Head in and try it out for yourself today!

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