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What is Keif?

Everything you Need to Know About Kief

When you look closely at a cannabis plant, you will notice a resin-like coating of something called trichomes. Trichomes contain important cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and when they become dry and flake off the plant, the result is called kief. Kief tends to be golden to dark brown in color and is a sticky, powdery substance.

How Do I Get Kief?

What is KiefThe best way to obtain kief is to find a grinder with a kief catch at the bottom (most grinders today have this option). When breaking down your bud to pack into a bowl, bong, or roll into a joint, the kief falls off, and is sifted down to the keif catch through a screen in the grinder. The kief can be added on top of a bowl or a joint for an extra kick, and can even be pressed into hashish. If you’re looking to extract a larger amount of kief, you can actually rub cannabis flower against a silk screen and collect it that way. The best sizes for catching kief are between 75-125 microns. As more adult-use and caregiver storefronts open, greater options are on the rise. You can now conveniently purchase kief in-store if you prefer to keep your hands clean. The purer the product, the lighter the color will be. If kief is of a darker color, that means there is still plant material in the mix.

How Do You Smoke Kief?

Now that you’ve acquired all of this kief, what do you do with it?

  • Roll a ‘Twax’ Joint or a Kief Covered Blunt – When rolling a joint or a blunt, add a hearty amount of kief to the mix for an extra boost. You can also roll a kief covered blunt, or a ‘twax’ joint by wetting the outside of a rolled joint or blunt, and rolling about a 3rd or so of it in kief.

  • Top off a Bowl or Bong with Kief – If you’re smoking a bowl or a bong, top your pack with a layer of kief. This method is called “crowning a bowl” and is by far the most common way to consume kief. Cornering your hits will allow you to get the most out of your kief, savoring more hits for a longer time.

  • Make Hash or Rosin – Another great thing about kief, is that you can make a completely new product out of it with very little supplies required! To make hash, kief is compacted and pressed down into bricks. The more pressure that is applied, the darker the hash will become. Kief can also be rolled into little balls, called charas, and smoked. Rosin can be made by pressing flower or kief between two heated plates and collecting the remaining oil.

  • Make Your Own Moon Rocks – The ultimate potency punch, moon rocks consist of cannabis nugs, dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief. They are loaded with flavor and are easy to make at home!

  • Add Kief to Your Edibles – Give your edibles a big boost by adding kief to your cannabutter for future recipes. When doing so, be sure to add the kief in with your flower to decarboxylate them first. Decarboxylation is the process in which psychoactive components in cannabis are activated for edible consumption.

Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or are looking for something new to try, experimenting with kief can be an exciting way to consume cannabis and add an extra boost to your next smoke session. Visit the Honeycomb Farm team today! We’re located in Wilton, Maine and excited to meet new friendly faces!