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Cannabis Holiday Recipes with The Honeycomb Farm

Savory and Sweet Cannabis Recipes for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and of course, great food. If you’re looking to add a little cannabis flavor to your festive spread this year, look no further. We’ve got a roundup of delicious, savory, and sweet cannabis recipes to make your holiday party go off with a bang.

From appetizers to desserts, we’ve got you covered. So gather your ingredients and get ready to cook up some merry marijuana magic!

Holiday Cannabis Appetizers

You can’t have a holiday feast without some tasty appetizers! For a joyous start to your celebrations, why not munch on some cannabis-infused appetizers? Here are 3 delicious ways to munch on cannabis.

Cannabis Bruschetta

It’s easy to dose cannabis bruschetta and even easier to make. Excellent for a big Christmas Eve gatherings with the family. If you’ve never tried edible cannabis before, this cannabutter-infused dish is a great dish to start. Indulge in this exquisite Italian cuisine by preparing some cannabis bruschetta.

Cannabis Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are one of the best snacks ever!  Ooey gooey mozzarella sticks were already delicious, but adding cannabis milk made them superb. Nobody will be able to top your Christmas Eve feast if you serve this to guests.

Savory and Sweet cannabis appetizersCannabis Onion Rings

Cannabis-infused milk comes in clutch once again. Try some weed onion rings to start your Holiday dinner with a bang! With cannabis milk-infused onion rings, you really can’t go wrong.

Savory Cannabis Recipes

Cannabutter and olive oil infused with cannabis are two additional versatile culinary aids that you may use for everything from breakfast to dinner. To help you celebrate the holidays in style, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways you can utilize cannabis in the kitchen for tasty savory dishes:

Cannabis Italian Lasagna

The classic Italian dish is made by putting noodles, meat, and Italian cheese in a lasagna pan. This therapeutic dish is a mushy lasagna filled with minced turkey, fresh lasagna noodles, and three kinds of cheese. It’s the kind that will fill you up on Christmas Eve and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 

Cannabis Crabcakes

With the holidays already underway, bringing these tasty cannabis crab cake sliders to your next Christmas party is a surefire way to be the center of attention. Substituting crab cakes for ground beef in burgers is a healthy and tasty approach to give your guests a taste of something new and different. Plus it’s kinda luxe and fancy! 

Cannabis Mac and Cheese

What’s the holidays without mac? Cannabis-infused mac and cheese take the comfort food classic to a new level. This dish is full of flavor, from the spicy chipotle-avocado puree to the crispy hemp seed parmesan via the rich cannabis cooking oil. Bring it to your next holiday meal as a warm, comforting side dish.

Cannabis Spanakopita

A nutritious version of the classic Greek comfort food, this spanakopita recipe will not disappoint. Spinach, ricotta, and cannabis are three of the things you will love the most in this holiday recipe. Phyllo dough sheets take on an unbelievable crunch when fried in canna-olive oil. 

Sweet Treats for Your Holiday Spread

Your Holiday won’t be complete without the sweet treats! Here’s 5 sweet treats recipes for your holiday twist.

cannabis recipes with The Honeycomb FarmCannabis Almond Lemon Bars

These festive lemon bars will have you thinking of New Year’s Eve fireworks. In one mouth-watering treat, you get a burst of flavor from the vibrant citrus and tartness of the sweet and creamy center. Traditional lemon bars get a therapeutic twist in this recipe by being sprinkled with sweet sliced almonds. 

Cannabis Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Prepare to have your sweet tooth completely blown away by the combination of cream cheese and brownies. With cheesecake swirl brownies, you get the best of both worlds; velvety-smooth cheesecake and rich, indulgent brownies. This cannabis-based delicacy has homemade semisweet chocolate brownies topped with cheesecake batter and swirled.

Cannabis Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

This exquisite treat will surely be a hit at your upcoming Christmas celebrations. Soft and chewy on the outside, these chocolate cookies contain a cannabis-infused molten caramel inside, making biting into one feel like winning the dessert sweepstakes. 

Cannabis Red-hot White Fudge

White fudge with a hint of spice is offered for your exploration! Traditional white fudge is given a medicinal edge by being infused with cannabis oil and topped with cinnamon candies in this recipe.

Butterscotch Cannabis Blondies

Brown sugar is the main sweetener in this dish. Alternative flours to wheat flour work just fine. In the same way that many people have a soft spot for blondies on Christmas Eve, this sugary treat is guaranteed to be a hit with canna-loving guests.

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